Cruel But Hilarious Cat Video – ‘Kitten Mittens’ | ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Clip

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I love cats. I felt I needed to get that in the open immediately, even before you’ve watched the embedded video. Because although this is one truly hilarious video, it’s also a bit cruel.

The video is a clip from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, an American sitcom about a group of friends running an Irish pub in Philly. The show is known for its distinct lack of political correctness, covering a variety of sensitive topics.

This video asks the question, “Is your cat too noisy?” and responds by advising you to purchase a pair of ‘Kitten Mittens’ in order to solve the problem. They’re basically a pair of cat slippers which would make most cats very mad.

In this case the cat walks across the table, almost silently it should be noted, before dropping off the end. I hope there was a cushion there but man it’s funny to watch. I assume no cats were harmed in the making of this video but I’m too busy giggling to inquire.


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