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Cute Skipping Dogs Video | They Can Even Double-Dutch!

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Cute Skipping Dogs Video | They Can Even Double-Dutch!

We love Japanese television here at Web TV Hub. There’s always something unexpected, from bubble-blowing breasts to wacky game shows. And now there’s skipping dogs.

I’d never heard of a skipping dog before, but there seems to be plenty of them in Japan. These pooches aren’t just incredibly cute, they’re also very talented!

They have no problems skipping with a single rope, running in (always a bit scary!), or even tackling a little Double Dutch!

Actually, one dog does struggle when his natural exuberance gets in the way. He’d much rather get cuddles from the man on the end of the rope than skip. But after a few quick pats he shows he’s just as clever as the rest of the canines. So sweet!

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