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Daniel De Bourg X Factor 4 Video Clip | 31 Year Old Dancer Talks About His Experience

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Daniel De Bourg X Factor 4 Video Clip | 31 Year Old Dancer Talks About His Experience

Continuing the run-down of the final 12 in this year’s X Factor Competition, here we have the first of the 25 and overs group managed by Louis Walsh.

Daniel De Bourg is a 31 year old professional dancer from London, who is seen in this video talking about his experience so far, and how he feels about getting through to the upcoming live finals.

He was originally trained at The Royal Ballet, but had to give up on his four year dancing career after a knee injury wrecked his dream of stardom.

Luckily for him, dance isn’t his only talent, as after teaching ballet and doing some modelling work, he realised he may be good enough to make a career out of singing, and here he is.

Daniel has a three year old son, who has been controversially shown on the show, whether that doting father image helps or hinders how the crowd take to him, remains to be seen.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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