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Talented Breasts Video | Japanese Girl Shows Off Her Assets

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Talented Breasts Video | Japanese Girl Shows Off Her Assets

If you ask a man what they like most about women you’re likely to hear one answer: their breasts. But most boobs don’t do a lot to warrant this adulation.

They bounce when we run or jump on a trampoline. They release milk when we have babies. But most of the time they just kind of sit there. That is, unless you’re this Japanese woman.

She may just be every man’s dream girl. If there’s one thing men like more than breasts, it’s farts. So when you find a pair of mammaries that make farting noises, it’s comedy gold.

But her talents don’t stop there. She can even blow bubbles from her cleavage! Now that’s pretty cool. With talents like this, she’d be a big hit at children’s birthday parties.

While I love these performing breasts, the real star of this video is the Japanese commentator. His eyes pop so wide, it looks like he’s never seen a girl in a bra before. I think he enjoyed filming this story as much as I enjoyed watching it!

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