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Daria Live Action Movie Video Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza)

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Daria Live Action Movie Video Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza)

If someone wanted to make a live-action film based on the ’90s MTV cartoonDaria,Aubrey Plazawould be the ideal choice. CollegeHumor takes this idea and runs with it in its new trailer for the (fake) movie Daria: High School Reunion. Here, we see Plaza sporting the character’s signature specs and green blazer, along with cameos by her best friend Jane, annoying sister Quinn and others.

She’s got the voice down pat with the huge geeky glasses but kudos to them for sticking true to make this seem hot damn believable! I wish this were a real movie so collegehumor can keep gaining brownie points to their reputation as good ol slap comedy.

Okay, maybe not slap comedy but it’s not all about jackass stunts and perverted innuendos. I like American Pie as much as the next guy but give me some classic comedy from the days of our youth, when angst was just another genre to snort at and throw popcorn like those punk emo kids we see far too often.

Someone needs to make this happen. People, I choose you!

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