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Director Werner Herzog Shot During Interview Video Clip

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Director Werner Herzog Shot During Interview Video Clip

To say nothing about his fantastic and inspiring movies, this video clip proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Herzog is truly a badass.

I love the discrepancy in response between Herzog and the reporter. The reporter is truly scared and surprised by the fact that Herzog gets shot, but jolly old Werner doesn’t seem to give a damn!

It is also hilarious that Herzog thinks that the shooter actually knew who he was and had motive to shoot him. I’m not sure if that is paranoid or egoistic. Perhaps it is both?

Anyways, seeing Herzog completely unphased by a bleeding gut shot that came out of no where is indication enough for me as to why Germany proved such a resilient force to reckon with during WW1 and 2.

Werner’s most recent film is called Rescue Dawn and stars Christian Bale as an ace pilot during Vietnam who is shot down and taken prisoner.

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