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Awesome Street Drummers Performance Video | Amazing Clip

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Awesome Street Drummers Performance Video | Amazing Clip

I recently posted a video of an amazingly talented guy playing a street drum solo, and it inspired me to look for some more musicians plying their trade on the street.

What makes this clip so fantastic is that there are 4 drummers this time, all talented, and all working together to produce a great and innovative sound.

Their timing is awesome, and never seems to falter. With a quick glance at each other, they know instinctively when to kick in and start playing, and consequently when to stop.

It actually looks like it’s 2 pairs of drummers dueling with each other but the style is so similar I’m sure that’s part of the act.

They have an impressive number of spectators standing around watching them, and I must admit, if I walked past them in my local town, I’d stick around to watch too.

Who needs the seemingly endless barrage of talent shows on television when you can take a walk down to your local shopping mall and see performers such as these? Even homeless bums are getting in on the act!

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