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This video features a short clip from The Impossible Astronaut, the first episode from Season Six of Doctor Who. This is the best bit of the episode, because it rapidly goes downhill from here on in.

I was a fan of Dr. Who, big-time. I watched from the closing episodes of Christopher Ecclestone’s reign, all the way through David Tennant’s reign, and most of last season as Matt Smith took over.

However, there were times last yea when I found myself getting bored or sick of the show, and having watched The Impossible Astronaut I’m declaring myself over Doctor Who altogether.

The storylines are boring, the writing labored, the effects shoddy, the aliens very samey. It just doesn’t do it for me any longer, so I’m giving up on the show from now on.

If this clip, or the full episode of The Impossible Astronaut, does get you in the mood for more of the same, then you can watch the trailer for the whole of Season Six right here. But I personally wouldn’t bother.

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