Eating Live Octopus Tentacles Video | Korean Food Delicacy Sannakji

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The delicacies of other country’s can upset the sensitive palettes of the rest of the world, whether it’s Australia’s Vegemite, Iceland’s hakarl, or Korea’s sannakji.

The latter might sound like something you’d get from you local Asian takeaway joint but you might want to think twice before ordering it. Sannakji is live baby octopus.

The tentacles are slice up, seasoned with sesame oil, and delivered to your plate still squirming. These Westerners clearly enjoy playing with the wriggling dish, but it’s enough to send most folks into a screaming fit!

If you think you’re up to the challenge, beware. If you don’t chew it up carefully, those tiny suction cups can stick to your mouth or throat. I think I might stick to the rice!


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