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Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. No, wait, it’s actually International Talk Like A Pirate Day, because piracy shouldn’t just be the domain of the U.S.

This video is an educational one featuring the co-creators of Talk Like A Pirate Day. In real life they are John Baur and Mark Summers, but when it comes to sailing the seven seas they are Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy.

In this video they explain the Five A’s, five words that every pirate needs in their arsenal of vocabulary, all of which begin with the letter A. And if you hadn’t already guessed what they were, just look in the title or watch the video.

I’m not all that big a fan of Talk Like A Pirate Day. It was good for a few years but it’s now a bit dull. You know what would liven it up a little? Giving gifts to each other. That is, after all, the only thing that keeps me celebrating Christmas.

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