If you listened to the radio in the early 00’s, there’s a good chance that you heard a song from a little band called Creed.

I always heard the rumors that Scott Stapp (the lead singer) was an egotistical drunk, but this video is definite proof. If you ever wondered why Creed broke up, then this is probably why.

This video is a bit old (2005 was when his solo CD came out) and Creed had just broken up, so his bitter comments toward his bandmates are only to be expected. His comment about Dave Grohl having “a little dick” however, is plainly out of line.

It’s safe to say that if it weren’t for Dave Grohl (the drummer from Nirvana), Creed wouldn’t have even existed. Of course, some of the things he says are coaxed out of him by his surrounding poker peers, but the majority if his cocky comments come from himself.

By the end of the video it’s clear that he is completely wasted and it seems like his game ends just in time. Those of you looking forward to a typical rock star brawl will just have to wait until next time.

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