Posted in: Lifestyle, News, Video On Demand and Web Television Stations by Dave Parrack on August 13, 2007

SomaGirls is an online television channel dedicated to fashion tips, beauty tips, celebrity news and travel. Or at least that’s what the description on the site says.

In fact, the list of categories seems to be even bigger than that, with models and games two more additions. This is getting less niche and more a case of trying to cater for everyone and specialise for no one.

When you first visit, you have a list of the available video categories at the top of the screen and can then choose to view the one that interests you.

As an example, clicking on ‘Celebrity’ brings up a video report of the latest celebrity happenings as well as a list of available text reports on subjects such as ‘Spears snubs Beckham‘ and ‘Hilton drops panties to out do Lohan‘.

While the SomaGirls channel has some worth, on this increasingly crowded internet, I do wonder why it would be your first port of call. I’d rather visit individual sites about each of the subjects rather than a one stop shop for all.

If SomaGirls specialised on one topic and became the leaders at video reporting on that, then they’d stand out from the crowd much more than they currently do.


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