Cool Coffee Art | Talent and Skills With Creamer

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Being the coffee addict I am, this video definitely caught my eye … and my taste buds. This coffee artist sure knows how to use their creamer to showcase their multi-faceted artistic skills, and explores one of many options for a canvass to inspire their creativity.

From bunnies to crazy tribal-like designs, watch and be amazed by the myriad of images this coffee connoisseur is able to create with little more than a pointy object, some coffee and milk.

If you love coffee as much as I do, you may want to have a napkin handy to wipe the drool. So sad that art like this is fleeting, and with one large gulp the masterpiece is gone.

It’s a good thing they are fast at their art and can recreate any consumed works under 30 seconds … 29, 28, 27 …


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