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Find The Best Videos Online With Gloob.TV

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Find The Best Videos Online With Gloob.TV


Navigating the internet for the day’s finest video picks can be a tough, especially with the sheer quantity of material now on offer. Gloob.TV (which has just emerged from beta testing) aims to relieve web users of that task by doing all the hard work for them.

The website’s big idea is this: a team of around 25 editors scours the web each day to track down only the very best videos, ranging from entertainment and the arts to news and journalism, so that users don’t have to “trawl through all the crap” (as it so eloquently puts it) to find what they want.

With thousands of new videos appearing online each day, we’re not sure that Gloob.TV’s staff (picky as they are) will necessarily find everything worthy enough of adorning the pages of the site. Also, their opinions are completely subjective, so who is to say their choices would be in line with that of every viewer?

That said, the quality of the content is commendable, as is the presentation style, which is friendly and amiable. It’s just a shame that when push comes to shove, Gloob.TV’s claim of “instant garbage free video” doesn’t really hold water.

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