The Simpsons Real Life Intro Video | Brilliant Advert For Sky TV

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The Simpsons are enjoying somewhat of a resurgence, with The Simpsons film creating a whole new generation of fans.

This real life version of the intro is actually a year old, created by Sky TV to publicise the new series which they had the rights to. I thought it was worth revisiting at this point in The Simpsons timeline.

Whoever made this did a brilliant job, as it’s exactly how I envisioned a real life Simpsons intro to look.

I particularly love the whole Lisa Simpson part where she’s playing the saxophone before leaving on the bell. While the actress doesn’t look like Lisa, she has a certain Lisa quality which works.

Homer on the other hand actually does bear an uncanny resemblance to the real one, and plays the part superbly. If you look closely, he even has a builder’s bum crack as he runs in to the garage.

This intro makes me want to watch a whole live action Simpsons film. Maybe that’s the next step in the evolution? I’d certainly go and watch it.


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