Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Comedy TV & Video, Movies, News and Video On Demand by Iman Peera on July 9, 2008

The Dark Knight trailer has already been tediously re-created using Legos, but for some reason, I find this amature-ish spoof more entertaining.

Probably because of the dead-on joker impression, or simply because it shows Batman riding a moped.

The and most hilarious part has to be at the 1:30 mark when Batman does the old school WWF “suck it!” move. It only lasts for a second, yet it’s twice as funny as some of the witty dialogue.

By making the Gotham more realistic and humanizing the “dark knight” himself, the creators of the spoof exposed Batman for what he really is: a rich playboy with a temper that likes to play dress up and drive recklessly fast.

Which is exactly why America loves Batman.

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