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The Dark Knight proved to be a bigger success than anticipated. Even though all the numbers aren’t yet in, it’s already estimated to be the highest grossing film of the year.

But while Batman can just sit back and count his cash, we normal citizens are left with our usual expenses. Take this man for example, who needs a new car because Batman blew it up.

“I think he was just trying to look cool…”

“Well, Batman exploded the car with a missile, while he was chasing The Joker,” Aziz explains to his car insurance agent. Unbeknownst to Aziz, she happens to be a big fan of the Dark Knight ever since her mother was rescued by him.

Without Batman’s insurance information, the poor man is left helpless. And to top it all off, his moving truck is stolen by the Joker himself.

Oh, the price you pay for being a citizen in Gotham.

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