Let’s face it. People in general spent a lot of time on the internet. The internet is a great place to listen to music, talk with friends, and express your opinion. However, the experience is certainly not the same as in real life.

This video is perfect for those people who need a reality check. And what better way to get the message across than lecture by Halo characters. Out of place? Yep! Hilarious? You bet!

Who said video games can’t be educational? This video compares the differences between certain activities in real life and the internet. These days it’s nearly impossible to surf the net without encountering at least one of these affairs shown in this video.

Topics included are: Meeting New People, Checking The Mail, Shopping, Partying, and Politics. I find it amusing that the weapons are only used during the part about politics.

WARNING: Just as the game Halo is rated Mature, so is this video (due to it’s language content).

If you like this video, be sure to check out Dave Parrack’s other video post about internet commenters here.

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