I’ve never really liked mascots, unless of course, they’re throwing punches at each other. Usually, they do some unfunny routine to hype up an already bored crowd. But The Houston Rocket here is an exception.

Watch as this 8 foot beat scares everyone from little girls to grown men.

In the beginning of the video we are shown how a whole hallway can be instantly shaken up a giant bear is brought to life. My favorite scare has to be at the 0:59 mark when the little girl runs all the way across the hall and into a pole before she turns to look back.

But not everyone takes the joke so well. Towards the end of the video, Rocket gets retaliation with a kick in the nuts and, like I hoped, a beaten up by a group of kids.

Although, I don’t think he deserved the punch to the face at the end. Aww, was someone having a bad day?

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