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Funny News Videos | The Onion News

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Funny News Videos | The Onion News

Onion News NetworkThe Onion News is a news network with a difference, its funny. Rather than the boring and serious regular news the Onion Network brings you satirical news over the internet.

Onion News is now bringing us regular video newscasts in addition to its regular satirical news stories. The online videos are spotlighting such newsworthy stories as why It’s healthy to have a friend with cancer, or the Human cost of Mexiacans.

The Onion News jokingly describes itself as:

"the standard for globe-encompassing 24-hour television news since it was founded in December, 1892, the network boasts channels in 171 languages and can be viewed in 4.2 billion households in 811 countries."

The show is delivered like a real news cast with the serious face, white hair and commanding voice of Newsreader Brandon Armstrong.

Here is the News Report – A Friend’s Cancer: Good For Your Health?

Watch more of The Onion News here

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