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FearLess Cooking

Everybody eats, and a lot of people love to cook. For those enthusiastic cooks and home chefs the internet has become an amazing resource for learning how to cook and finding recipes for almost anything.

There are great cooking blogs like Simple Recipes but what you really want when you learn to cook something is someone actually showing you how to do it, something you can see, a video!

When I recently cooked my first pizza I found a load of pizza making tutorial videos which helped me out. More recently I have stumbled across Fearless Cooking, a video blog by a New York gal who says she is "determined to conquer her culinary fears, and cook the very dishes that scare her the most."

This is not a professional cooking tutorial site but a journey with someone who wants to learn how to become a good cook and share her successful cooking endeavors. Grace shows you how to make a Java Jolt Pie, a watermelon/jalapeno cocktail and more, all through engaging videos.

Grace doesn’t post cooking videos that often but there are a few on her blog so just take a look through to pick up some fresh cooking ideas and recipes.

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