Posted in: News by Iman Peera on January 31, 2009

Protect your loved ones. Watch this video and help the fight against the latest threat to teens across America.

Who knows, you yourself might even be a victim of TTES.

Unfortunately, since I was raised on 90s pop music like The Backstreet Boys, I too have felt the effects of Teen Tin Ear Syndrome. Though, like most survivors, I’ve learned to appreciate real music over the years and have taught my loved ones never to buy into The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato.

Unlike Sarah, I’m not saying that all of this packaged pop music is bad (I admit, I still occasionally will listen to an old Backstreet Boys song) just the majority of it. As for the part about lighting all TTES-related material on fire, I think we should take it a step further and perhaps propose a bill to ban all Disney affiliated “artists” from the airwaves.

C’mon Obama! Yes we can stop Teen Tin Ear Syndrome!

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