Being British, I don’t really understand the whole Super Bowl thing. American Football (because to the rest of the world, real football is what you call soccer) is a rubbish sport anyway, so why bother?

But I’m clearly in the minority because it seems as though every American citizen watches the Super Bowl whether they like the sport or not. I guess it’s kind of a tradition, one which this comedy song celebrates.

Seriously, American football is rubbish. Just admit it. It’s like rugby but with loads of padding to remove any danger of injury, and constant pauses to do something or other which I don’t understand. It’s really not a good sport to watch.

Then there’s the whole fascination with the adverts. Why? What the hell? They’re adverts for God’s sake. You’re not meant to watch them for entertainment purposes, they’re trying to sell you something! I worry about America sometimes, and Super Bowl Sunday shows why I’m right to do so.

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