“The WTF Blanket is made of the exact same materials regular blankets are, but looks twice as retarded!”

Whoever made this Snuggie commercial parody read my mind.

The first time I saw the Snuggie commercial, I couldn’t believe that someone would make such a stupid “invention” on purpose. I was convinced that a Chinese robe factory had made millions of mistakes and was now simply looking for a way of disposing of them to brainless consumers.

Unfortunately, one of those brainless consumers happens to be one of my close friends. Unlike me, she was excited to see such a product on the market and was quick to call and order one. Her Snuggie should arrive any day now, and when it does, you can bet I’ll be quoting this parody all the time.

“Believe it or not, some dumbasses have paid as much as $60 for the WTF Blanket, which kinda makes me wanna scream.”

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