I have a cat as a pet. He’s adorable, sleeping a lot, eating too much, and generally acting cute for 23 hours a day. The other hour a day? He spends that attacking me in a umber of exciting ways, and it hurts a little from time to time.

But, at least when my cat attacks me, the most I have to worry about is a scratch or small bite. When you keep a bear as a pet, the odds go up slightly, and not in your favor. As this woman in what looks like Eastern Europe finds out.

She’s feeding the bear, which is taller than her and probably weighs at least double what she does, a snack. A friendly gesture I’m sure you’ll agree. But not when the bear is chained to a fence and probably very unhappy.

So it does what comes naturally and attacks the woman. She’s lucky to escape unharmed after the men-folk attack the bear with sticks until it backs off. But the look on her face afterwards gives away how scared she was.

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