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Hilarious Russian Ice Fishing FAIL Video | In Russia, Fish Steal Your Rod & Line

In Russia, the fish are so tough they jump back in the water stealing your fishing rod as they go. Vladimir...
Dave Parrack
23 sec read

Scary Shark Video | The One That Got Away

I’ve done some fishing in my time, and it’s a very relaxing pastime that gets you outside in the fresh air...
Dave Parrack
30 sec read

Awesome Fishing Incident Video | Seal Steals Back Fish That Has Just Been Caught

I have been fishing in rivers many times, but I have never yet been sea fishing, either off the coast or...
Dave Parrack
29 sec read

Asian Carp Jumping Video | Strange Behavior On Wabash River, Montezuma, Indianapolis

I’ve been known to do some fishing in my time. Well, angling, to be exact, as I’ve always placed the fish...
Dave Parrack
32 sec read

Man Vs. Shark Video | Guess Who Wins…

When a man goes up against a shark, there’s only ever going to be one winner. The shark, naturally. And I’m...
Dave Parrack
30 sec read

Insane Fishing Video | Guy Catches Fish With His Bare Hands While Ice Fishing Through Hole

I’ve cannot claim to be a man’s man. Maybe it’s because I was brought up in a matriarchy under Margaret Thatcher...
Dave Parrack
34 sec read

Disturbing Cruel Animal Abuse Video | Helpless Cats Used As Shark Bait

Usually, when one stumbles across a video of a kitten on the web, it’s to show them having a good time....
Iman Peera
39 sec read

Cool Radio Controlled Fishing Video | Bored Science Teacher Uses RC Helicopter

The man in this video is Dave Herbert- a 60 year old science teacher from Iowa who likes to fish as...
Iman Peera
37 sec read

Crazy Video Of Fish Catching Men | Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Now here is a survival tip we can give to Survivorman and Bear Giles; to catch food while you are lost...
Julie Popp
30 sec read | Fly-Fishing TV and video community

If you are one of those people that feel fishing is a religion then you are bound to get hooked on...
Chris Tew
43 sec read