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Man Vs. Shark Video | Guess Who Wins…

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Man Vs. Shark Video | Guess Who Wins…

When a man goes up against a shark, there’s only ever going to be one winner. The shark, naturally. And I’m glad, too.

When I was younger I used to regularly go angling. This wasn’t fishing to catch creatures to eat, but fishing for the sport of catching creatures to then set them free immediately afterwards.

I don’t fish anymore, because I realized it’s actually quite cruel, hooking an animal inside its mouth, and hauling it out of its natural environment. That’s a lesson this guy should perhaps learn, and maybe he will after getting bitten by the shark he’s caught while sea fishing.

He’s busy yanking the hook messily out of the shark’s mouth, which has got to be excruciatingly painful. And then wonders why the shark turns on him and bites. And the shark hasn’t got man boobs either.

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