The most entertaining football clips and TV from soccer matches around the world including both amateur and professional clips. Watch pure violence on the pitch, pure talent, football celebrities and amazing goals. You’ll also find some dedicated football web television stations.

Football (Soccer)

Soccer Videos Showcase

Some call it football, others call it soccer; no matter what you call it it’s the number one game in the...
Lauren Katulka
54 sec read

Football Goal Celebrations Video | Classic Post-Goal Moments

I enjoy a good game of football, but my biggest problem with it is this: there never seems to be enough...
Lauren Katulka
37 sec read

Japanese Vertical Soccer Video | Crazy Adidas Billboard Makes News

It takes something special to bring the swarming streets of Tokyo to a standstill, and an amazing Adidas billboard has done...
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Football Fight Vid | Carlos Diogo and Luis Fabiano Fight Like Girls!

This video shows why these Spanish soccer stars are paid to use their feet, rather than their fists. It features a...
Lauren Katulka
25 sec read

David Beckham – Soccer Superstar (Video)

It’s easy to resent a guy like David Beckham. After all, it seems like this brilliant Brit has done it all....
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Funny Football Moments Vid

Football is the number one game in the world, and it’s a serious business for the athletes who play it and...
Lauren Katulka
30 sec read

Soccer Star Ronaldinho Shows Off Awesome Freestyle Tricks

It takes someone special to attempt these amazing freestyle tricks. But it takes a true football legend to nail them with...
Lauren Katulka
23 sec read