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Funny Jimmy Kimmel Video | Testing Vegetable Products on Kids

Kids and vegetables do not mix. If you’re lucky, the kid you’re trying to feed will merely throw a tantrum, and...
Hemlyn Ratnam
34 sec read

Keifer Sutherland Drunk Christmas Tree Tackle Video | This Was Even Before The DUIs

Keifer Sutherland has just pleaded guilty to his fourth driving under the influence charge and will be spending 48 days in...
Dave Parrack
40 sec read

Crazy Maury Povich Video | This Girl’s Petrified of Pickles!

When we posted about this guy and his peaches phobia, I didn’t think we’d ever see anything more ridiculous. I should...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

Paris Hilton On David Letterman Show Video | Letterman Quizzes Hilton About Jail Time

Paris Hilton went on to The Late Show with David Letterman on Friday to promote her new film and perfume. Letterman...
Dave Parrack
29 sec read

Miss South Carolina Gets a Re-do | Beauty Pageant Contestant Re-answers her Question on “The Today Show”

If you are breathing and living, then you have seen the torturous video clip of Miss South Carolina’s ridiculous answer during...
Katrina Robinson
24 sec read

Ethan Bortnick on Jay Leno Video | Amazing Video of Six-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

We’ve all seen child prodigies on television chat shows before, but none quite like Ethan Bortnick. I was quickly won over...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

Jay Leno Inhales… Anti Helium That Is (Vid)

Well, not only is this a cool video showing how a trapped gas can cause some anti-gravity; it also demonstrates how...
Julie Popp
28 sec read

Crazy Maury Povich Video | Guest Terrified by Peaches!

Everyone has their own personal phobia that they must deal with every day. Some people are afraid of the dark, others...
Katrina Robinson
33 sec read

Paris Hilton Busted (Video) | Letterman Finds Lies in Larry King Interview

If you believe the hype, everyone was waiting to hear what Paris Hilton had to say when she was released from...
Lauren Katulka
24 sec read

John Stamos Drunk in Australia | Uncle Jesse from “Full House” is Hammered!

It looks as though John Stamos may have poured some Bailey’s Irish Crème into his morning coffee before making an appearance...
Katrina Robinson
22 sec read

Taboo Celebrity Video Interview | Sexiest Member of Black Eyed Peas?

Taboo, the self-proclaimed sexiest member of the Black Eyed Peas, joins hostess Carrie Keagan in bed on this episode of web...
Laura Roberts
32 sec read

Celebrity Catfight | Rosie and Elizabeth Explode on The View

Talk about cat fights… here’s the infamous clip from The View, where Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck really duke it out....
Laura Roberts
44 sec read

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Interview | Rare Video of Microsoft and Apple Founders Together

If there are two giants in the world of computers it would be Microsoft and Apple. Bill Gates, founder and owner...
Chris Tew
30 sec read

Massive Cleavage Videos! Conan interviewing babes Heidi Klum and Selma Hayek

These two videos show Conan O’brien interviewing the two gorgeous celebrities, Heidi Klum and Selma Hayek. Stunning babe Heidi Klum has...
Chris Tew
14 sec read

LateNet with Ray Ellin | The new comedy variety show with a difference

Next Tuesday (May 1st) a new comedy variety show will be hitting the internet. It is called LateNet with Ray Ellin...
Chris Tew
45 sec read

Viacom vs. YouTube | The Daily Show video

You may have heard that Viacom recently filed a whopping $1 billion dollar lawsuit on YouTube over copyright infringement, and now...
Chris Tew
12 sec read

Rich Pretty Girl | Rocketboom minus the brains with some extra breasts

The minute I started watching my ears hurt. This girl has one annoying voice, but the fact that she was...
Chris Tew
55 sec read

Original first episodes of UK Comedy TV Shows

I recently came across a little hidden cluster of the original episodes for a variety of UK comedy TV shows; you...
Chris Tew
39 sec read

Psychic Television with Psychic interactive

A British television channel that appears on Sky Television called Psychic Interactive is also available on the internet right here. If...
Chris Tew
26 sec read

Watch Sit Down Comedy With David Steinberg Online

TV Land has decided to air its new series of Sit Down Comedy With David Steinberg on its website before it...
Chris Tew
28 sec read

Fox Launches Popular TV Shows Over The Internet – Watch Episodes on Demand

Fox recently announced that it will be offering a selection of its popular TV shows online. The shows include this season’s...
Chris Tew
1 min read