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Gay Usual Suspects Video | Spacey and Byrne in Love?

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Gay Usual Suspects Video | Spacey and Byrne in Love?

It’s amazing that one seemingly innocuous movie could have a profound effect on our culture, but it’s true. Ever since Brokeback Mountain came out there have been jokes and phrases by the boatload. And that’s just the beginning.

Apparently every male relationship is now subject to gay speculation. The two leads from the Usual Suspects are the latest to tip the scales on the pop culture gaydar. It’s goes a little something like this.

Two men; one a broken down cripple desperately in need of some tenderness, and the other, a sad old queer trying to find the courage to love again. Together they share a love that others wouldn’t understand. Apart they share anguished heartache.

It’s touching, tear jerking, and really, really gross. I mean come on, Kevin Spacey and Gabriel Byrne playing belly sticks together in one of the coolest movies of all time. What’s next, Sam Jackson and Travolta having a sword fight in Quentin Tarentino’s shower?

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