Posted in: Action Videos, Animals and Pets, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on April 16, 2013

It must be strange for animals living in zoos, especially if they’re taken from the wild and placed in one of these artificial enclosures.

Not only do they have people staring at them all day, every day, but they meet other species they wouldn’t normally do in their natural environments. Gorilla, meet goose.

This gorilla is inquisitive when he sees a goose in his enclosure, but the goose has plans other than shaking hands and sharing dinner. It charges, and the gorilla runs away scared.

This may seem funny, but look at our own species, which is scared of spiders, snakes, and mice. All of these creatures are tiny compared to us, and yet we’re petrified. Which puts this into perspective.

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