This video shows a first hand view of the two bombs that went off within a crowd of onlookers and runners as they reached the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday. It reportedly killed three people while severely injuring more than a hundred others in what a White House official said would definitely be treated as an “act of terror.”

This is supposed to be the worst bomb to hit on U.S. ground since our security went super paranoid after the terrorist attack of 9/11 back in 2001. Our President Barack Obama has promised to hunt down the suspects of this bombing and make them pay for striking fear and chaos into the hearts into the tens of thousands of spectators that packed the streets to cheer for our runners in this world famous race.

To everyone’s dismay, there has yet to be any arrests made and no one including the government is even for certain if this bomb came from foreign or domestic sources. Talk about feeling totally insecure of who is the real enemy here anymore…

With a video like this, it makes me afraid to go running in the streets anymore. Of course I know what you would say, running in the streets? You would deserve it. Hah! Not if I were running a marathon, I wouldn’t. These poor athletes.

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