H1N1 Vaccine Dangers Video | Could The Side Effects Outweigh Swine Flu Dangers?

36 sec read

The swine flu, or H1N1 to give it its official title, has been causing panic and anguish around the world since it was declared a pandemic earlier this year.

However, is what we think we know about the illness and the vaccine correct? Or would we actually be better off avoiding the vaccine and risk contracting H1N1 and taking our chances?

This video shows a number of talking heads, most of whom are doctors and health workers, and all of whom believe that the general population would be better off avoiding the H1N1 vaccine.

This is because there is a body of evidence suggesting that this vaccine, and a host of others routinely meted out, cause more problems and carry more risks than the condition they’re being administered to protect against.

The choice of whether to accept the H1N1 vaccine ends up coming down to each individual. The problem is that different doctors will advise different courses of action so who are we meant to believe?


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