Hilarious Thundercats Leaked Bloopers Video | Profanity-Laced Outtakes You Never Heard

34 sec read

I always suspected that the people behind kid’s shows like Thundercats had to be humorless robots. On the contrary, this blooper reel of leaked outtakes proves that the voice-over actors of Thundercats had a sense of humor- a dirty one at that!

As it turns out, Lion-O really likes the F-word.

I’m sure if these clips leaked when the show was at it’s prime, this would have made headline news. But now that the Thundercats craze has been over for 20 years, this clip is just another viral classic to share and reminisce with friends.

At the beginning of the clip, it is revealed that all of these outtakes are from season 3. If that’s the case I’m really praying for the other seasons’ bloopers to leak. I could watch these all day!

On a related note, if anyone out there has any idea of what the fuck a Samoflange is, feel free to drop a comment. Lion-O could use your help.


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