This video proves a couple of undeniable facts: the Japanese are insane, seriously, or at least the ones who appear on their weird television; polar bears are thick, why else would they go after a seal cub hat on top of a girl’s head?

Some Japanese TV shows are mental, and this looks like belonging in that group quite easily. There doesn’t seem to be a point to the stunt but they do it anyway, much to the annoyance of the bear and the pant-crapping fear of the woman.

I suspect the hot Japanese girl is still in therapy after this experience because she really does seem to be scared the polar bear is going to get her. Maybe someone should mention the thick pane of glass between them.

As for the bear, well, it probably enjoyed chasing a seal cub around for a couple of hours, even if it had no chance of catching it and it would have just tasted of synthetic material if it had.

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