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Insane Motorbike Tightrope Tricks (Vid) | Heart-stopping Stunts

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Insane Motorbike Tightrope Tricks (Vid) | Heart-stopping Stunts

As many a blogger would say… EEK! I can actually feel my heart speed up as I watch these daredevils demonstrate their insanity with a motorbike and a tightrope.

Just the sheer height that the tightrope is placed is enough to make most people dizzy, or worse, puke. I would likely fall victim to both, but then to be on a motorbike on a tightrope, and then to stand on the bike or start doing circles, oh my gosh.

I understand that there is some science of balance and gravity going on here, but even that in itself is pretty darn cool.

Watching, yes, I can barely do that, but doing, now just forget it. I’ll keep both of my feet on the ground, thank you very much.

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