Interviewer Pwned By Obama Supporter Video | Hilary Clinton Has Fight On Her Hands

32 sec read

I love this video for a variety of reasons: It shows an intelligent youngster with political views, it shows Barack Obama is the best candidate, the interviewer gets totally blown away.

It’s obvious what has happened here, the interviewer has made a beeline for the young black Obama supporter, and asked him a series of tough questions in an attempt to make a fool of him.

Unfortunately for the guy holding the camera, he chose an intelligent guy who has thoroughly researched the candidates, and what they stand for, and consequently, gives a convincing answer to every single question.

In fact, the guy knows his stuff so well, I’m sat here wondering if he himself shouldn’t be running for president… he’d certainly get my vote.

This is the sensible alternative to the porn stars opinion poll, which just shows that not all Americans are quite so up on their politics.


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