If you thought Friday by Rebecca Black was bad then, well, you were right, but you also haven’t seen anything yet. It appears there is worse out there, and the latest tween idiot to go viral with a horrible song is Jenna Rose, with My Jeans.

There is nothing redeeming about this song whatsoever. It features a spoilt little brat singing horrible, meaningless lyrics with auto-tune being the only saving grace for her terrible voice. And I won’t even bother mentioning the rap in the middle.

The video is no better. Why is she shown driving a car? She’s all of 11, for God’s sake. And what are her friends even doing there? They contribute even less to the song than she does!

I swear the day that it became fashionable to show off auto-tune rather than try to mask it is the day pop music died. It’s meant to be used to cover up bad singing, not to allow any old Tom, Dick, or Rebecca Black to have a hit record.

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