The only treatment the likes of Rebecca Black and Jenna Rose deserve is ridicule for making such terrible music. I know it’s harsh, and they’re only young, but if we don’t dismiss them at this point it’ll only encourage more tweens to become pop stars.

Thankfully there are people out there willing to take the piss so that we don’t have to.

First off if you haven’t seen the original version of My Jeans by Jenna Rose you should check that out first. And you may also want to see Brock’s Dub of Friday by Rebecca Black, especially as the ending of this video is the same as it is on that one.

God, I hate rich, happy kids who have no idea what real life is like. And Jenna Rose seems to be one of those annoying shits. When the biggest worry she has is her desire for a new pair of jeans then she really is one lucky kid.

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