Jonathan Durden Big Brother 8 Video | Jonathan Leaves The House After Receiving Bad News

35 sec read

Jonathan had one of the shortest stays in the Big Brother house this year. He entered on Day 17 and left on Day 35 by his own choice.

This video explains all you need to know about why he chose to leave when he did, after finding out his grandmother had died aged 104.

It was really this moment which he’ll be remembered for in the BB8 house as he didn’t actually do much before this.

He did have one argument with Charley, but even that was much less torrid than some of the other house mates run ins with the south London IT girl.

This video is interesting as it shows Reality TV at its best, revealing the human side of one of the contestants. It’s quite hard viewing someone going through the emotional wringer like this.

The other interesting thing is that man hating (and Jonathan hating) Nicky actually comforts him, again showing her human caring side over the unemotional automaton she had revealed previously.

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