Joost invites just got easy!

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Joost BetaJoost is a new internet TV platform from the makers of Skype and Kazaa. It consists of a software program that you need to download and install, and then you have access to 150 on-demand channels.

Joost is still in private beta meaning it has not yet been officially released and it is still being tested and developed. You can read an early review of Joost beta here.

If you want to try Joost out then you need to get hold of an invite to use Joost. Luckily this has just got a whole lot easier.

Get a Joost invite right now

Previously you had to hope you could persuade a current Joost tester to email you a limited invite. Joost then announced it was allowing unlimited invites to be sent out.

With the help of GigaOM and Newteevee Joost has now created a simple form to allow you to get an invite yourself.

Normally a Joost tester such as myself would have to input your details manually and send each person an invite. This could take hours and hours given hundreds of people are constantly requesting invites.

Get a Joost invite yourself here

Joost can’t take the load

The sudden influx of people using Joost has caused problems and now the videos on Joost are starting to become a bit jumpy and jittery as Joost is struggling to cope with the number of people using it.

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