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JumpStartTV | How-to videos


JumpStartTV | How-to videos

JumpStartTVJumpStartTV is a new How-To video sharing website which has just recently launched several new channels (although I’d call them categories).

You can find a variety of videos ranging from learning to play the guitar to learning how to make a potato gun. While the videos themselves are pretty good the site does feel very thin when it comes to the amount of how-to videos that are available, but hopefully this will improve over time. Currently tech related how-to videos are the most abundant how-to videos on the site.

Compared to Expert Village, the leading how-to video site, JumpStarTV does not really compare. Unlike Expert Village you can’t share the videos on other websites and the advertising on JumpStartTV is a lot more intrusive with video ads before the videos start and big banner ads.

But then again Expert Village can’t tell me how to make a Potato Gun to shoot at people I don’t like.

Take a look at JumpStarTV here.

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