Posted in: Art Videos & TV, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on July 11, 2007

Phil Hansen is so nuts about KFC’s new Teriyaki Boneless Wings, he’s shown his devotion to the famous chicken brand with an amazing artwork. Hansen smothers his hands, feet, and even his face, with teriyaki sauce to create a karate-kicking Colonel Sanders portrait.

But Colonel Sanders isn’t the only one karate kicking. Hansen’s unconventional methods make him appear like a martial arts master. He kicks, head butts, and karate chops the canvas to create this mouthwatering mural.

The appetizing artwork took almost eight hours to complete and measures a whopping 14 x 8 ft. If you have that kind of spare wall space, and think you could refrain from nibbling it, you could buy it on eBay. The auction’s proceeds will help provide college scholarships for American students.

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