The Playstation 3 has been struggling against the dual competition of the Nintendo Wii, which continues to outshine everything, and the Xbox 360, which has many fans, especially in the United States.

But Sony’s great hope this year is the number of big exclusive games scheduled to arrive. The first of these games is Killzone 2, a first-person shooter only available on the PS3. Is this the game that finally makes the console start flying off store shelves?

This video shows a short IGN review of Killzone 2, and impresses on you just how fantastic the graphics are. This is the best-looking game released on any console ever, but are fancy visuals enough?

Luckily, the gameplay seems to also live up to the considerable hype, with both the single-player and multiplayer campaigns looking great. The demo hit earlier this month but the full game is now here, available worldwide on February 27, 2009.

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