To promote his new HyperDunk shoe, a video of the one-and-only Kobe Bryant has surfaced in which he appears to be jumping over an Aston Martin. Some sources claim that the video is real and that the car is actually going at 50 mph. Others, however are skeptical that his management would even allow it.

Then again, he is sponsored by Nike, a company with a budget big enough to fake just about anything. Additionally, the “first take” of this commercial can be seen below.

The “First Take”

While the validity of the stunt has yet to be exposed, some very talented video editors have taken the liberty of providing us of what they call “the first take.” When any car, luxury or not, is coming at you at 50 mph, a video like this seems more realistic.

Although, I have to note that the car in original video doesn’t appear to be going this fast.

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