Linkin Park – ‘Bleed It Out’ Music Video | Great Song & Clever Filmed In Reverse Video

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This Linkin Park video is a couple of months old now, but it’s just too damn good to let go by without being highlighted on WebTVHub.

Not only is the song fantastic, being one of the best they’ve ever released, but the video is also astoundingly good.

I’m a big fan of Linkin Park, yes I know they are quite formulaic these days with each song fitting a kind of rap/rock hybrid by numbers kind of pattern, but I don’t care, they still rock.

Lauren posted a very funny spoof video a few months ago which even I as a fan can find humour in. But it’s important to address the balance so you don’t all think we’re a Linkin Park hating site.

This song and video works all ends up, with a great combination of effects and the band rocking out.

It looks like the whole sequence was filmed in reverse and then played backwards. An old trick but it’s well executed in this case.

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