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LocateTV: The TV Search Engine | View TV Schedules & Watch Free Shows Online


LocateTV: The TV Search Engine | View TV Schedules & Watch Free Shows Online

Locate TV

Do you pine over the thought of searching to find your favorite TV episodes online? Have you ever seen a clip of a show, but never had the slightest idea of how to watch a full episode of it?

LocateTV aims to help you in such a scenario. Basically, it can tell you exactly how and where to watch almost any show.

Simply type in the name of a show and LocateTV will tell you how to watch it via DVD, TV, or online. If episodes are available online, you can click the “Embed” button and you can embed it on a blog or website with your choice of resolution.

Another great thing about LocateTV is its ability to be region specific. Whether you live in the US or UK, LocateTV can tell you an updated TV schedule of the show of your choice.

region specific

Unlike some websites that offer online TV episodes, LocateTV only offers completely legal results. It pulls its information from sites like Amazon, NBC, iTunes, Five, and more. So if you’re looking to not pay for episode downloads, LocateTV is better for more popular series such as Family Guy, Heroes, etc.

Too bad a site like this doesn’t have the funding to team up with “the big boys” for some exclusive content. Though once the site gets up to par and out of its Beta stage, I’m sure it’ll be a great resource for legal TV episodes online.

Video Tutorial For Searching

Here we have a self-explanatory video tutorial for LocateTV searching. This will show you how to navigate around the site as well as its different features.

[LocateTV Official Site]

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