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Leon Jackson – The X Factor 2007 Winner | Duets With Kylie Minogue In The Final

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Leon Jackson – The X Factor 2007 Winner | Duets With Kylie Minogue In The Final

Leon Jackson overcame all the odds to win The X Factor 2007 final in the UK last night. How the British public thought he was better than Rhydian Roberts, I’ll never understand.

But win it he did, and for that, I have to give him credit. The problem is he’s a one trick pony, like losing finalist Ray last year, he can only croon, regardless of the song he’s singing.

This video, of his duet with Kylie Minogue proves that beyond all doubt, as he turns the pop classic Better The Devil She Knows in to a bad cabaret show tune.

Oddly, I think this song had a lot to do with him winning the show in the end, because Kylie Minogue is hugely popular, enough to swing the votes round towards Leon.

I think it was the wrong decision, and that Rhydian should have won. Ray will undoubtedly be successful, but let’s be honest, he hasn’t got the talent of Leona Lewis.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    December 18, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    I am from across the pond and I stumbled upon the X-Factor videos on youtube. Let me say, I watched all of Rhydian’s videos first, and yes, he has a phenomenal operatic/Broadway voice. A little over-the-top (he reminds me a little bit of Liberace), but a beautiful voice.

    Then I found Leon’s videos. At first, I thought “this guy isn’t even in the same league as Rhydian!” But after watching all of Leon’s videos, I have been converted. He does not have the operatic/Broadway voice of Rhydian, but his voice is smooth and calming, and lovely, nonetheless. And what really swayed me was his personality and his emotion. He just seemed like such a genuinely nice, young lad who really loves his mum. Who can argue with that?

    Besides, it’s not like Rhydian is going to fall off the face of the Earth! Everyone knows who he is and offers, I’m sure, have been pouring in.

    Leon, you’re such a cutie and a genuine boy – I hope you come over to America soon. (By the way, I have a daughter I would love you to meet!!! LOL)

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