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Macklemore “Thrift Shop” Video | Causes girl to assault her boyfriend

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Macklemore “Thrift Shop” Video | Causes girl to assault her boyfriend

Last week, a woman by the name of Samantha Malson was actually arrested for chocking the hell out of her boyfriend Lars Hansen after a this drunk fool decided he couldn’t possibly stop singing the song “THrift Shop” by Macklemore. Now some may say that song is just so catchy that it’s purely awesome but I don’t care much for it so I would have to agree, she did the right thing.

This isn’t the only case where crazy sh** like this has happened. Take this for example:

In 2004, some tech worker named Michael Devine was arrested after he sent a text message to the wrong person with some Clash lyrics saying, “Ok, so let’s agree about the price and make it one jet airliner and ten prisoners.” Sure it sounds like some terorist lingo but why would they be speaking English? I mean seriously, I thought we were afraid of Muslims, not white Americans.

The truth being, Devine, who plays in a Clash cover band, was referencing the band’s song “Tommy Gun.” To which Devine, being the clueless mofo he is feigned complete ignorance. ”It hadn’t even occurred to me that it might look a bit dodgy. It was quite nerve wracking for Special Branch to come looking for you at work. I was thinking, Oh God, what have I done?”

Yup, Americans are just a little more than paranoid. But who doesn’t have that little devil perched on their shoulder? Just watch the video. Maybe it’ll take your mind off it.

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