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Justin Bieber’s Comment About Anne Frank News (Video)

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Justin Bieber’s Comment About Anne Frank News (Video)

So according to CNN, Justin Bieber made a blasphemous mistake on some comment he made while visiting the Anne Frank Museum. In the museum guest book Bieber wrote, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” The tourist site decided it’d be a good idea to share his sentiments and attract more fans so they posted his message on their Facebook page.

And so the controversy stems from the 19-year-old’s visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Friday. Everyone has just been going crazy about it. Can people be more hypocritical or what? The kid is how old? His life has been comprised of what? Money and fame and generally celebrity status. How else is he supposed to phrase his sentences without involving himself and his aspirations?

Anne Frank died a teenager in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945 and was obsessed with Hollywood stars or so she ‘wrote’ in her famous diary. Who’s to say she wouldn’t have been a fan had she ben in this teen’s generation? Maybe those more hooked on drugs and Dubstep. Not much better in my opinion.

And even though the museum itself backed Bieber up, people still want to talk b.s. Well, that’s freedom of speech for ya. Always gotta be arguing about something. I don’t even like Justin Bieber and I think this is stupid as balls…and yet, so entertaining.

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